These inspections are usually minimum inspections but are required by certain cities, prior to listing the property.

Ususally a licensed evaluator must complete these evaluations and provide a disclosure report before any single-family house, duplex, townhouse, or first-time condo conversion can be shown to prospective buyers.

These housing evaluations, sometimes also known as the disclosure report, must be displayed on the property so potential buyers can look at it.

Ususally a re-inspection must be done after any required repairs have been completed. This is separate from the initial evaluation.
Forclosure Inspectors
Residential Inspectors
Commercial Inspectors
Buyer Inspections
Seller Inspections
Maintenance Inspections
Warranty Inspections
Radon Testing
Carbon Monoxide Testing
Moisture Testing
Mold Analysis
Energy Audits
Thermal Imaging
In many cities these items are looked at but will not results in a required repair proir to sale:

30-amp or 60-amp electrical service, as long as it is not tampered with or over-fused.
Lack of basement (crawl spaces are OK).
Basement plumbing fixtures that are not vented, such as basement showers.
Chipped or peeling paint.
Galvanized plumbing system, as long as it is functional.
Holes in walls or ceilings.
Lack of laundry facilities, or lack of basement floor drain.
Missing storm or prime windows or doors.
Missing window sashes.
Plumbing "s" traps, except in basement.
Torn carpet or broken tile.

These items are not looked at:

Non-essential systems such as woodstoves, fireplaces, or air conditioners.
Toxic substances such as asbestos, lead-based paint, formaldehyde, radon.
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